What Makes Encurio Accountants Different?
POSTED ON August 21, 2023
BY Mallory Sage

What makes Encurio accountants different? Recently we shared a blog outlining what your accountants actually do and we’ve shared the eight ways to know if we’re the right accountants for you but what actually sets us apart?

A Commitment To Do Things Differently

Encurio CEO Tiffany has worked as an accountant for twenty-two years and has extensive knowledge about the way traditional accounting offices work. Most offices condense the majority of their work into the infamous tax season. For clients, the stress of tax season is around where to find your documents, your tax appointment, and worrying what you might owe when all is said and done.

But for accountants, tax season means four months of non-stop work. Accountants spend more time at their desks than in their own home, with no time for their health, family, or social life. And Tiffany knows intimately how much of an impact this lifestyle can have on your mental and physical health.

Tax Season Isn’t Real

The first step in moving away from a traditional accounting firm model was ridding ourselves of the idea of “tax season.” We’ve gone in depth as to why tax season isn’t real in the past, but the most important thing to know is that extensions are an important tool to extend the timeline of tax season. While our goal is always to get as many returns done by the April 15 deadline (or March 15 for our businesses), extensions give us AND our clients breathing room beyond the hectic scramble of the traditional deadline.

Prioritizing Work-Life Balance

Work life balance is tricky. For Encurio, we’re all about being our full selves. Work flows into personal. We want our accountants to be able to live a full life, so we make sure to provide flexibility. No one should ever feel like they’re chained to their desk.

It’s part of what makes Encurio accountants different. We prioritize our employees health and wellness. Avoiding crazy overtime is essential to that goal – and it’s an essential part of making sure our clients are always getting our best.

Proactive Planning Prevents Fires

How do we avoid the crazy overtime that’s a staple in our industry? We make sure that proactive planning is built into our work flow. This means proactive planning for us AND for our clients.

  • For us, proactive planning means actively cross-training so that someone is always available to our clients. If someone needs a break, there’s always someone else on the team available to service our clients at the highest level. We also focus on honest internal communication. If someone on our team needs help, they can ask for it without judgement.
  • For our clients, proactive planning means making sure there are no accounting surprises on the horizon. We make sure that tax planning is prioritized and that our tax planning sessions take a holistic look at your financial situation. Check out what good tax planning looks like for our clients here.

A Well Rounded Roster

The Encurio team is carefully cultivated. Our goal is to have team members who are curious and always looking to improve themselves and their skills. It’s about growing your strengths. One of the ways we do that is through mentorship. All of our accountants are thoroughly trained on accounting AND tax.

Training through mentorship creates deeper bonds between our team members. It encourages a sense of community that fosters honest conversation. We aren’t afraid to ask for help when we need it or afraid to ask questions so we understand everything at the highest level. It’s hands-on, active learning that leads to hands-on, active service for our clients.

The Personal Touch

We prioritize our relationships with our clients by making sure we’re available to answer questions every step of the way. If something unexpected comes up, someone on our team will always be able to help you. When you onboard with us, you’re given a direct, immediate point of contact with one of our team members. We foster these relationships so that we can always understand our client’s unique financial situation and cater directly to what they need. To make sure this is possible, we keep our client lists manageable; no team member has more on their plate than they can handle, so clients don’t slip through the cracks.

Why Encurio Accountants are Different

Encurio was created with the goal of reimagining how accountants work. We believe that accounting doesn’t have to be hard – for us or our clients. We’re here to provide quality, personalized service to our clients while living in alignment with all of our values.

If you want to know what working with us could be like for you, try setting a meeting with us.