8 Ways to know whether we’re the right accountant for you
POSTED ON November 2, 2022
BY Encurio

Accounting is not a one-size-fits-all service! Each business has different needs to guarantee their success and growth in a rapidly changing world. Check out the list below to see if Encurio is the right accoutant for you.


  • You want to work with a team. Depending on the services you sign up for, you will work with multiple team members who focus on those core services. Getting to know you and your business is a priority, and as you grow, your team members may need to change as we all have different technical/industry strengths and skills! Our goal is to provide the best team for your needs.


  •  Your finances are a priority. Clients who thrive with Encurio are clients who are ready to make communication a priority! Pro-active business owners get the most out of our services by answering questions and providing information in a timely manner, so we never have to play catchup and we can be PROACTIVELY STRATEGIC!


  • Making financial decisions is important to you. We don’t want to be a team that makes all the decisions for you. We want to empower our clients to make decisions for themselves by providing an environment that invites you to be involved – we ask that you join us with a willingness to learn, understand, and ask questions. We provide the information that helps you make the right decisions for yourself and your business.


  • You’re ready to adapt. Whether it’s working with a different team member, a change in our processes, or new software, we are always looking for ways to improve our processes and client experience. While we do heavily consider the type and pace of change, we like to stay ahead of the curve in our industry, so expect some change over time.


  • You don’t like leaving things to the last minute. Our work requires a lot of planning and prioritizing, so last minute fire drills are not our cup of tea. We expect clients to provide information in a timely manner, so we minimize any last minute stress. We understand that there are times where unpredictable circumstances pop up or we are waiting on things from third parties out of our control, and we make sure to assist in those events. We also value the time of clients and colleagues, so as a rule, we do not work during our personal time.


  • You understand your needs. We love working with business owners who can admit they don’t always know what they are doing financially and are looking for and value having a great partnership! We also need business owners who don’t minimize their needs, and by extension, the importance of our services.

  • You’re looking for a partnership. Accounting firms are as unique as entertainers… yep, we said it! Accounting services, offerings, and how they are provided are very different based on what each firm does best and their core values. Encurio is focused on thought partnership. We do a wonderful job of taking the burden off your shoulders, but we are also here as your resource. As your thought partners, we provide education and quality financial information to run your business, so you aren’t doing it all alone.

  • You want to invest in quality infrastructure. You don’t want to wing it with your accounting, but instead want to be pro-active in creating infrastructure to build on as your company grows.


If you made it through the list and still think Encurio is the team to propel you into the future, click here to begin the process of joining us!