Why should you outsource your back-office operations?
POSTED ON March 20, 2023
BY Mallory Sage

Running your own business is complicated, especially as your business picks up steam. Often business owners reach a point where they feel alone or stretched thin in the day-to-day management of their company. But you don’t have to be alone – consider outsourcing your back-office operations.

One of the most useful tools for business owners is the ability to outsource aspects of their business, particularly back-office operations. This comes in handy when your business has reached the point where you aren’t able to handle all of your back-office operations on your own, but aren’t in a place where you’re ready to hire a full-time staff member to manage it in-house.

Back-office operations are divided into three general categories: payroll, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. If you’re on the fence about outsourcing, here are some of the benefits.

Benefits When You Outsource Back-Office Operations

  1. An affordable investment in your company. Outsourcing back-office operations allows you to pass the workload to another company at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee.
  2. Pay for what you NEED. Outsourcing with Encurio is highly customizable. We can help with any part of your back-office operations, depending on what you need. For example, you may have a payroll process that works for you, but be overwhelmed by invoicing customers or vendors.
  3. Providing insight into your processes -OR- developing processes if you haven’t built them already. A cohesive process is essential in simplifying and streamlining all back-office operations. When outsourcing with Encurio, our goal is to help you develop simple, effective processes using technology best suited to you and your business. This way, as your business grows and you’re ready to bring services back in-house, you have a trainable process when you hire a full-time employee.
  4. More time to focus on other things. Without back-office tasks on your to-do list, you have the freedom to focus on other areas of your business.
  5. Separation from the discussion of money with vendors and clients. Talking about money can be hard, especially when you’re trying to maintain positive relationships. When you outsource back-office operations, you have a dedicated department to handle those conversations for you. This not only takes the pressure of money off of your relationships, but signals to others in your circle that your business is growing!

If these benefits sounds like the relief your business desperately needs, set a meeting with us to learn more! If you’re still not sure what back-office outsourcing may include, visit us again in April and May for a crash course on each type of back-office operations.