What is thought partnership?
POSTED ON July 26, 2023
BY Mallory Sage

At Encurio, we believe in thought partnership. But what is thought partnership?

To put it simply, thought partnership is the concept of partnering with our clients to think through factors that effect large financial decisions. This ranges from common problems to more complex factors. You don’t have to make huge decisions alone!

Why Is Thought Partnership Important?

As a business owner, you’re spinning a lot of plates. You’re responsible for internal factors (like payroll processes) and external factors (like tax preparation) and everything in between. You’re also going to receive a lot of communication from various agencies and government entities. Sometimes, figuring out what’s relevant and urgent can be overwhelming.

That’s when thought partnership comes into play. At it’s base level, our job as your thought partners is to sort through the bullshit and help you focus on what’s actually important to the financial health of your business.

What are the Levels of Thought Partnership?

Thought partnership looks different depending on what you need and how closely you want to work with us. Regardless of the level of service you choose, we always filter out the noise. It’s our job to keep up-to-date with changes to the tax code and to understand what communication is relevant for our clients. We communicate the changes you need to know and prevent you from having to sort through the noise yourself.

Going further, how deeply we engage with thought partnership with each of our clients depends on the service level they choose. We have three different levels of service – relieve me, help me, and guide me. You can learn more about each package here.

Relieve Me.

For our most basic package, clients can expect thought partnership focused on compliance. We set our clients up for success in all tax and compliance filings. Tax planning is where we do the majority of the heavy lifting and help you strategize for the current tax year and for the future.

Help Me.

Our middle package combines all of our services from relieve me with more nuanced strategizing. We move beyond tax and compliance filings and take a closer look at your individual business. Usually, our focus at this level is to help you examine the processes and software you’re using in your business. After that, we see how they can be improved by creating and implementing invoicing, bill pay, and payroll processes. These changes focus on making sure your business is operating at its greatest potential and that you have processes in place to make scaling simple.

Guide Me.

Our top tier builds on the other levels to create a more in-depth relationship. At this level, we want to help you grow your business by learning how to get measurable financial data that we use to grow your business. You can come to us with any question and we’ll help you figure out the how.

We’ll help think through the different complexities of your business as it evolves. We’ll help build the foundation and strategize the execution. If there’s something we can’t do alone, we’ll put you in contact with other trusted professionals in our circle who can help. This means you don’t have to vet other collaborators – we take that off your plate and put you with the right people from the get-go. At this level, we’re here for any need that comes to mind regarding the accounting or finances for your business.

Safety in Collaboration

Whether you feel like you need a little help or a lot, thought partnership is the reassurance that there is always someone on your team. Owning a business can be scary, overwhelming, and lonely. Having someone in your corner to collaborate with takes some of that pressure off of your shoulders. If you want to explore what thought partnership with Encurio could look like for you and your business, set a meeting with us.