Tax Season Isn’t Real (Even for Our Team)
POSTED ON May 8, 2023
BY Mallory Sage

You may have seen our blog post on why tax season isn’t real (and if you haven’t, you can check it out here!) but did you know that it’s true for our team too? Here’s why we prioritize taking time off during tax season.

At Encurio, we believe that we should always bring our A game. That means coming into work fully charged. To take care of our clients, we also have to take care of ourselves.

Here are just a few ways that the Encurio team enjoyed taking time off during tax season.

Jake Went Snowboarding in Mammoth

Time off during tax season: Jake & friends hit the slopes at Mammoth

Being the guy responsible for making sure every process at our company is running smoothly can get a little taxing – no pun intended. Jake is always working to improve the firm for a better client experience. He’s in the habit of prioritizing the firm – which makes it even more important for him to find the time to unplug.

Daily, unplugging for Jake means taking time to get to the gym. As a guy always looking to optimize, he finds that escaping to the gym just before lunch when the gym is empty guarantees a great workout in half the time. This daily routine gives him the energy he needs to be an effective leader.

Occasionally, he also enjoys escaping on short trips to recalibrate. Pictured above is Jake with friends in Mammoth this April. Excursions like this give Jake an extra boost of energy that he brings with him back to the office.

Mackenzie Continued her Coachella Tradition

Mackenzie & boyfriend Christopher at Coachella 2023

This year, Mackenzie began the transition from our CAS team to our tax team and has begun studying for the CPA. Between her old role, her new role, and hitting the books, Mackenzie’s plate has been pretty full! She admits that at times, it can be pretty overwhelming.

The best way to reset for Mackenzie is having the time to get away. With a head crammed full of tax work, the perfect relief for her was having something else to think about. While the traditional tax deadline comes around every year, April also brings something else: Coachella.

For the second year in a row, Mackenzie took time off to enjoy Coachella with her brother, friends, and her boyfriend Chris (pictured above with Mackenzie). As one of our youngest team members and a music enthusiast, the iconic festival was the perfect reset.

Tiffany Took Time for Family

Tiffany & Andi on a hike

In 2010, Encurio was a distant dream but today, Tiffany is nothing but proud of the strides the company has made. These days, she thinks of herself as an athlete. Each day is a new sprint and the best way to recover from a sprint is to rest. For Tiffany, rest and recovery is about slowing down and taking the time to savor life, whether that be cooking a delicious meal or spending time with her family.

This April, Tiffany took ten days to unplug and spend time with her parents and her daughter, Andi. They had the opportunity to go on plenty of adventures, including a visit the aquarium, Universal Studios, and a trip to Santa Cruz. Pictured above are Tiffany and Andi on a hike along Fall Creek trail in the Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, near Santa Cruz.

Always on Our A Game

Having an amazing team is why we have the freedom to take time off to recover we need it and live our lives to the fullest.

“Work doesn’t stop just because one team member or a couple are out of the office,” Tiffany says. “We know business doesn’t stop for our clients. We make space for team members to rest and recover, but someone is always here for our clients too. You can do both.”