Your support starts here

We’re so excited you’ve chosen Encurio to help you improve and grow your business. The whole team is excited to get to know you better.

Here you’ll see what’s going to happen in the upcoming weeks and months and what you can expect from this partnership.

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What happens next

Your first few months with Encurio


Schedule your onboarding call

Get the ball rolling in the first week.

  • There is a link to schedule this meet at the bottom of this page.
  • Please schedule now or within 3-5 days so we can kick off your services.
  • This call will be 1 hour.

Give us access to your systems before your onboarding call

Watch the video from your Advisor on how to do this.

  • Add us to QuickBooks Online.
  • Add us to your bank accounts, payroll processor, credit cards, Square, Shopify, your POS, Etsy, Amazon, PayPal, etc.
  • Tutorials are at the bottom of this page.
  • If you’re able to complete this before the onboarding call, we’ll be able to use your onboarding call more strategically.

We’ll take care of initial project work

Our first priority is to take care of project work that was identified during the discovery process.

  • This takes a minimum of 2-3 weeks, and could take a few months.
  • We’ll present results and deliverables via email or schedule an additional call if necessary.

Then, we’ll switch over to monthly work

Once initial projects and clean ups have been taken care of, we’ll move into monthly services.

  • You’ll hear from the Encurio team by the 13th of the month to ask questions.
  • WYour financials will be delivered by the 20th of the month to

How we’ll work together

When you choose Encurio, you get a partner in your corner. We see great partnership as a two-way street. There are some concrete things we can expect of each other.

Together we agree to be:




  • Any questions we have will be in your portal by the 13th.
  • Your financials will be delivered by the 20th of your time period (either the month of the quarter or each month).
  • Your tax return will be billed separately after we’ve completed the return and before it’s been filed.


  • You’ll receive questions about your last month’s transactions by the 13th, you have until the 20th to respond. If you don’t respond we deliver financials by the 20th, as is.
  • Provide us with answers and input (we don’t have a magic wand to take things off your plate).
  • Log in every Monday to review transactions. This will save you time and be more accurate than doing this less frequently.

Good communicators


  • We’ll respond to questions within 48 hours or so, even if we don’t have the answer yet.


  • If you have an emergency, call our office. Don’t panic. Someone on the team will be able to help you find a solution.
  • For other communications, give us a heads up and plan ahead so that we can serve everyone during emergencies.



  • If we see something, we’ll say something. If anything seems off, we’ll point it out.


  • Keep us up to date ahead of any changes you are planning in your business so we can help you be strategic and proactive, particularly during your tax planning session.



  • When your business grows, you’ll need more. You can expect a notification ahead of time if something out of scope comes up and we need to change billing. You can expect approximately a 7-10% increase per year as your business grows. We’ll give you at least a 30 days notice.


  • Tell us how we’re doing. We’ll periodically send a survey to fill in. We’re open to your ideas; if something we’re doing isn’t working for you, let us know.

Start by scheduling your kick-off call

The faster you get this call booked, the faster we can take care of the initial project work agreed on in the discovery process. Let’s get moving!