From Vaught & Associates to Encurio: our rebrand and what it means for you
POSTED ON August 15, 2022
BY Encurio

Over the past [9] months, we’ve been through the process of rebranding Vaught & Associates. Over the next few, you’re going to see the unveiling of our new look and updated website.

This transformation is just as much about us as it’s about the amazing business owners we support (and love to work with), so it’s only fair we give them a big shout out. In this blog, we explain what inspired this change, what actually is changing and for who.

If this is the first time you’re meeting us, hi! Welcome! Read on to see if we’re your kind of people and how we might support your business.

Encurio better describes everything you love already about Vaught & Associates

Our team has come a long way since Vaught & Associates began.

The name Vaught & Associates fit our origin story, but no longer reflects our growing team, the culture we’re cultivating and the values we live and work by. Those values are:

Embrace the community – We know it takes a village to do what we do well – no one person has all the answers. We study together, we ask questions, we don’t compete. Collaboration means putting aside ego, and we see this mirrored in our favorite clients. 

Be your full self – We are passionate about our work and it’s a part of our life. We don’t have “work self” and “normal self”. We give our best to our clients and we are fully ourselves and fully present in every part of our lives. Work flows into personal and personal flows into work. We put the right work in front of the right people, knowing flexibility looks different for everyone.

Bring your A-game – We make small, consistent choices in pursuit of a better quality of life. We give 110% to what’s in front of us. We lean into our community to make sure that flexibility and excellence don’t butt heads. We speak the language of encouragement, talking about each other and our clients in high praise. 

Grow your strengths – Growth comes when we live out our values, it is the result of everything we practice. Together, we look for opportunities to learn, adapt and become more resilient. Taking care of ourselves and our team gives us the energy to excel. Utilizing individual strengths powers Encurio.

The meaning behind Encurio

Peace of mind = breathing room, space, decisions from a place of peace

Curiosity = where are we going, a sense of adventure

Achieve your goals = set out to achieve something, be bold

Future focused = an endeavor, somewhere to be

We’ve been curious and intentional about our own goals as well as our clients. It has been our goal to foster a team culture we’re proud of. We’ve been working hard over the last few years at:

  • Prioritizing our investment in the team
  • Creating clear career paths and mentorship
  • Fostering a more flexible work environment
  • Creating time and space to actually enjoy each other! To joke around and have fun.

Our service is the same, we’ve just made our delivery more accessible

By now, you might be getting the gist that we’re always asking – is there a better way to do this? And that’s exactly the question we asked ourselves about our brand and our website.

Clients who’ve been with us for the journey can expect the same team and the same support they’ve been getting. No drastic changes to worry about! Only now, we hope our ‘shop front’ feels more like the company, the feeling and the people you’re used to.

We champion small business owners who want to grow their business and enjoy it

We connect best with people who are:

  • Entrepreneurial
  • Responsible
  • Gracious and respectful
  • Wanting to plan ahead
  • Considering accounting support an investment
  • Wanting a trusted partner to help them make decisions
  • Looking to work with people they’d hang out with

We’re bummed out when we see small business owners spending time where they don’t need to be, or thinking flexibility is just not an option.

Part of our curiosity is figuring out what systems and services we can implement for you so you can take a breather, reassess and spend more time on the work that brings you joy.

You’re great at what you do, and you know there are things you don’t know. Beyond covering the accounting tasks, you want your accountants to be the kind of people you can go to for direction on this kind of stuff. To ask advice and bounce ideas off. To get a reality check with the big picture in mind. To vent about how unbalanced you feel and actually get support to fix it.

We know business and personal life aren’t separate for you. We love seeing our clients feel passionate about what they’re doing in work and life. That joy is contagious, and gives us a real sense of achievement as your teammate.

If something in your business is making you feel off balance, we’re here to listen

From our years of experience working with small businesses, we know what it’s like when finance frustrations keep getting brushed under the rug. When you’re head down bulldozing through work, it seems impossible to make the changes you know are necessary. You want to ask for help but you don’t know who to turn to.

Committing to a new accountant isn’t necessarily something you decide overnight – and we don’t expect you to. Sometimes you just need someone to hear you out, and offer some clarification and guidance to help you out of the immediate rut.

We have a discovery consultation for exactly that. You can walk away from this session with sound advice specific to your situation, and an understanding of how we can support you long term if you want it. A resolution for your current problem or question + a taster of what it’s like to work with Encurio. Win win! Visit our discovery consultation page to see what it includes.

And let us know what you love about the new brand and website! We hope it brings a sigh of relief and maybe even a laugh at points.