Your business and personal life aren’t separate

Wouldn’t it be great to have accountants in your corner who care about both?

The decisions you make about your business affect your life and aspirations.

That’s what makes it so exciting and so overwhelming, right? If running a business was easy, everyone would do it. Right now things are moving so fast you don’t know where to invest your time and energy.

That’s what we’re here to help you figure out.

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You know what it’s like when you connect with someone who gets your vision

Business owners just want to be heard. Period.

You’re great at your stuff, and you know there are things you don’t know. Beyond covering the accounting tasks, you also want to know you can go to your accounting team for direction. To ask advice and bounce ideas off. To get a reality check with the big picture in mind.

We connect best with people who are:

  • Entrepreneurial
  • Thinking very macro
  • Responsible
  • Gracious
  • Open minded

Our values


Embrace the community

We know it takes a village to do what we do well – no one person has all the answers. We study together, we ask questions, we don’t compete. Collaboration means putting aside ego, and we see this mirrored in our favorite clients.

Be your full self

We are passionate about our work and it’s a part of our life. We don’t have “work self” and “normal self”. We give our best to our clients and we are fully ourselves and fully present in every part of our lives. Work flows into personal and personal flows into work. We put the right work in front of the right people, knowing flexibility looks different for everyone.

Bring your A-game

We make small, consistent choices in pursuit of a better quality of life. We give 110% to what’s in front of us. We lean into our community to make sure that flexibility and excellence don’t butt heads. We speak the language of encouragement, talking about each other and our clients in high praise.

Grow your strengths

Growth comes when we live out our values, it is the result of everything we practice. Together, we look for opportunities to learn, adapt and become more resilient. Taking care of ourselves and our team gives us the energy to excel. Utilizing individual strengths powers Encurio.

Our Team

Tiffany Vaught
Managing Partner

Jake Kessenich
Chief Operating Officer

Gaby Muñoz
Tax & Accounting Advisor

Kelly Robinson
Tax & Accounting Associate

Mackenzie Magaoay
Staff Accountant

Andrew Fausto
Staff Accountant

Mallory Sage
Administrative Assistant

You want a partner to advance your business.

Explore what it looks like to have one.